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Six patients. One radical decision.

Hope or Hype?


Six cancer patients make an unusual choice when faced with a bad prognosis and little chance of recovery: they decide to face the disease with their forks. An arduous but hopeful journey through uncharted territory ensues as the patients, ranging in age from a baby to a 70-year-old man, attempt to eat and juice their way back to health. 

Have they fallen prey to quackery, or is there any truth to the theory that the immune system can attack cancer cells? Unproven, untested and highly risky, the film shows the patients' journey into the unknown and follows their stories over a period of more than five years. Questioning practitioners, leading researchers and policy-makers, it raises questions about the nature of our food, our immune system, and the future of cancer treatment. 



  Christine  — Pau, France

Christine — Pau, France

  Fred  — Toronto, Canada

Fred — Toronto, Canada

  Jeremiah  — Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Jeremiah — Los Angeles, U.S.A.

  Marie  —   Montreal, Canada

Marie — Montreal, Canada

  Michele  —Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Michele —Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S.A.

  Verena  — Luzern, Switzerland

Verena — Luzern, Switzerland




Dr. Jeffrey White  
Director of the Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Cancer Institute

Dr. Valter Longo
Professor of Gerontology and Cancer Research at USC, Edna Jones Chair of Biogerontology, and Head of Longevity Institute

Dr. Terry Mason
Chief Medical Officer, Former Chicago Public Health Commissioner

Dr. Kelly Turner, PHD  
Author of ‘Radical Remission - Surviving Cancer Against all Odds’

Wolfgang Gerz, MD  
General practitioner, Munich, Germany

Kathryn Alexander, ND  
Gerson practitioner, Australia

Beata Bishop
Former BBC Journalist, former Stage IV Melanoma patient, Author of  ‘A Time to Heal’

Stephen Alexander
Government health policy advisor, Australia

Gar Hildenbrand
Epidemiologist and Head of CHIPSA Immuno-Oncology Hospital, Mexico

The Crew

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 15.42.02.png

Sarah Mabrouk

Director | Sarah Mabrouk holds degrees in journalism and film, and spent ten years working in news, primarily in Europe and the Middle East. She reported on the Iraq war, the Lebanon war, the conflict in Israel/Palestine, the Arab Spring, and Iran. Within the news world, Sarah has worked as a reporter, producer, speaker, camerawoman, production manager, and writer for press agencies, television, and radio. Her clients have included Associated Press, BBC, CNN, Gamma, France 24, Abaca, Agencia EFE, and ZDF. Sarah grew up in Washington, D.C. and speaks fluent English, Arabic, German, French, and Spanish.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 15.51.55.png

Alexander Wadouh

Producer | Alexander Wadouh heads the Berlin-based production company Chromosom Film GmbH. His films, including A Coffee in Berlin (distributed in the US) and White Shadow (executive produced by Ryan Gosling), have won more than 50 international awards, among them six German Academy Awards, a European Film Award, the prestigious Dino de Laurentiis Award in Venice. They were sold to more than 30 territories.


_CST9731 3.jpg

Sybella Stevens

Producer | Sybella Stevens studied Theatre and Media at Charles Sturt University and has been working in the arts and creative field for the last 13 years. Sybella has worked internationally across theatre, film and television. Recent work has included Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer and Black Panther.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 15.52.12.png

Frederic Lafargue

Cinematographer | Frederic Lafargue is an award-winning photographer and cameraman with more than 20 years of experience. He is best known for his work depicting Middle East conflicts, most recently the war in Syria.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 15.52.18.png

Thomas Keller

Editors | Thomas Keller studied film in Bristol and has been working in the creative field since 15 years. He is specialized in editing documentary films and is the editor of The East Complex, The Good American, Out in East Berlin, Colonial Education. He lives and works in Berlin.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 13.17.05.png

Christopher Seward

Supervising Editor | Christopher Seward is a documentary filmmaker and consultant with over twenty years of experience. He edited top grossing documentaries like Fahrenheit 9/11, winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes, and Sicko - both earning Seward awards as the American Cinema Editors Guild as Best Documentary Editor of the year. He has also acted as supervising and consulting editor on films like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Wake Up, and Fire in the Blood.


Thank You

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Rene Bajamonde

Rene Guitart

Rene Roldan

Rene Van Oosten


Rianna alvarado magee

Ricardo Abheeru

Richard Dubé

Richard How

Richard K

Richard Leonard

Richard Lynn

Richard Mallon

Richard Thibaud

Rita Mason

Rob Macintyre

Rob Sides

Robert Allen

Robert Behan

Robert Brown

Robert Burns

Robert C. Schlueter

Robert Chandler

Robert Corser

Robert John Warinner

Robert Lojac

Robert Marchand

Robert Myles

Robert Myles

Robert Passoni

Robert Stanley

Robert Warner

Robert Whynot

Roberta Silveira

Robin Curtis

Robin Riemersma

Robin Semerjibashian

Robin W. Bateman

Rocco Agostino

Rochelle Higgins

Rodney Little

Roel Scherders

Roland Lindqvist

Rolando Robles


Ron Melnyk

Ronald Evans

Room Without A View

Rosalind Pach

Rosalinda Band


Rose Dallal

Rosemary Salway

Ross Unger

Roxanne Fleszar

Roxanne Sullivan

Roy Houston

Roya Damsaz


Rubina Khan

Rune Ewald

Russell Huxtable

Russell Keppner

Russell Wyborn

Ryan Barrett

Ryan English


Sabine Dohrn

Sabrina Ares



Samantha Beavis

Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

Samia H. Mabrouk

Sandra cheatham

Sandra Fynboh

Sandra Petrykowski

Sandra Schafer

Sandra St-Hilaire

Sandrine Meier

Sandy Nelson Smart

Sandy Predmore

Sandy Schorr

Sara Greer

Sara McNamara

Sarah Brentrup

Sarah Mautalen

Sarah McDade

Sarah Mickulesku

Sarah Tosick

Saundra Madden

Scott Mackay

Scott Stobbe


Sean Hazell

Sean Howard

Sebastien Dufourcq

Selam Daniel

Seok Park

Sergio Toporek

Shannon Gordon

Shannon Hart

Sharon Boddy

Sharon Cooper

Sharon Feeley

Sharon Gunnell

Sharon Kerns

Sharon Wallent


Shawn Boltin

Sheila Sangster

Shellain Guest Satterwhite

Shelly Hagen

Sherri Kramer



Sherry Harris

Shirley Odunaiya

Sholeh Vaziri

Sidonia Rosé Swarm

Sieglinde Matsuo

Sigita Kupaca


Simon Maher


Slawomir Krolak


Sophia Porter


Sophie Tuttleman

Spencer & Parker


Stadelmann Bernadette

Star Irvine

Stavros Mitropoulos

Stefanie Wenner

Stefano Strocchi

Steffen Schmidt

Stephan Wirth

Stephane Rousseau

Stephanie Arellanes

Stephanie Bartholomew

Stephanie Chaney

Stephanie Darrow

Stephanie Russ Terrell

Stephanie Russell

Stephanie Schoenberger

Stephen Alexander

Stephen Kotyck

Stephen Musial

Stephen Piwnicki

Steven Bilski

Steven Raftery

Steven Ross

Steven Samaha

Stewart Volland

Sue Clinton

Sue Elvin-Cooper

Sue Fox

Summer Boger

Summer Durham


Sury Sprei



Susan & Fred

Susan Butler

Susan C. Shalhoub

Susan Gauvin

Susan Hennessy

Susan Henshaw

Susan M Humble

Susan Sanelli Hammack

Susan Schroeter

Susan Van Ausdall

Susi Debutzkoy


Sven Ahlborn

Svilen Georgiev

Sylvain Lamarre


Sylvia Diss

Sylvia Gumpesberger

Sylvie Garnier Nogueroles

Tamara Hutchins

Tamera Hixon

Tami McVay

Tammy foster

Tammy Stanfill

Tan Shiaw Uen



Ted Hardiman

Teresa Salley

Terri Berbatiotis

Terry Behm

Terry Vanderheyden


Theresa Zeman

Therese Twitty


Thomas McCarthy

Thomas P. Davis

Thomas Rutledge


Tih Tih Chin

Till Steinbrenner

Tim J Bower

Tim OBrien

Tim Simmons

Tim Southwell

Timothy Martin

Tina Cuevas

Tina Quinn

Tishko Shafiq

Tobey Zavala

Tobias Albrigtsen

Tobias Fritz

Toboggan Design

Toby Budd

Toby Koh

Todd Carlson

Todd Farrell

Tom Arthurs and Isambard Khroustaliov

Tom Askman

Tom Cooper

Tom McIntyre

Tom McMillan

Tom Rayburn

Tom Trigg

Tom White

Tom Zelenka

Tomislav H.

Tommy Daley

Tommy Douglas

Toni Byrnes

Toni Metzger Horrace

Tony Lew

Tony O' Brien

Tracy Dann

Tracy DeBrincat

Tracy Mahaffey

Tracy Messina

Trent Nathan

Tria Wipff

Trish Ward

Tyler Measom

Tyson Ripley

Ulla Ziemann

Umaima Baqer

Ursula Feuerherdt


Valentin Perkovic

Valerie Shaw

Valery Pelchat

Valezka Roman

Valiquette Ghislaine

Vanessa Raming

Vered Young

Vermette Alain

Veronica De Santiago

Vicki McCabe

Victor Gibson

Victoria Cowles

Victoria Messick

Vince Baca

Virve Ylänne

Waldmann Monika

WAM Theatre

Wanda Gross


Warren Lang

Wayne Carver

Wendy Gatward

Wendy Trafford-McKenna

Wenxian Calabro

Wesley Ann Godard

Wesley Crystal

Whakarongotai Nikora

Willi Bernet

William Carmichael

William Graham

William Helms

William James Smith

William Johnson

William Pitney



Xiren Kenny


Yusaku Aoki

Yves Campagna

Yvette Sohl

Yvonne Chia

Yvonne Smith

Zabryna Moreno-Neal

Zackery Kempf

Zaida Perez

Zannetta Smith

Zayera Khan

Ziva Lopatic

Zelda Corrigan

Zoe Ann Duncan

Zornitza Batcheva