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THE FOOD CURE is more than a film, it is a movement.

Become a partner, participate in one of our exciting campaigns, and brand your company with the important message of the film. 

We will

  • Include your company name and logo on all our promotional materials

  • Introduce your company immediately before the film

  • Drive viewership in each market through PR, paid advertising, and our extensive grassroots network of health providers, advocacy groups, research an scientific organisations.

About the Film

THE FOOD CURE: HOPE OR HYPE? follows six randomly selected cancer patients over more than five years who choose a plant-based, chemical-free nutritional treatment in lieu of more conventional options. Intimate and unflinchingly honest, this deeply moving documentary has the potential to change public opinion and affect policy.

Pre-commercial release alone has attracted an online community of over 13,000 followers and the support of 1,500 funders during the final production phase, making history as one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns for a documentary film.

Outreach Campaigns

It is our aim to launch the film with an impact campaign that grabs attention, incites action, and acts as an impulse for studies and concrete changes in health and insurance policy. It is also a call to support sustainable farming practices, high organics standards, and non-toxic products.


Our US/Canadian launch tour in summer 2018 proved that theatrical screenings are an invaluable way to enter into dialog with our audiences. 

At the beginning of May 2019, we will embark on a global screening tour with filmmaker Q&As and guest panelists.


European Semi Theatrical-tour


US & Canada Theatrical Release


Australia & New Zealand Theatrical Tour


US & Canada Educational Conference Tour

Community Screenings

Last year we also launched the “Host a Screening“ campaign to reach out to communities worldwide.

By showing the film in theaters, libraries, community and faith centers across the country, audiences get an opportunity to hear from and engage with the filmmakers and leading experts in the field of nutrition, integrative medicine, and health policy, and to participate in calls to action.

Let’s Make a Difference

THE FOOD CURE is more than a film, it is a movement.

We aim to build a multi platform ecosystem offering information and resources to facilitate and foster discourse around the issues addressed in the film.


Our expanded website will delve further into issues addressed in the film with up-to-date statistics, relevant studies and academic papers, case studies of patients in remission, extended interviews, 30 day challenges (lifestyle changes/prevention/household detoxification), and calls to action.


Sarah Mabrouk, the director of the film, will host in-depth conversations with the world’s leading experts and researchers, and will cover topics like Functional Medicine, GMOs, carbon sequestration, and regenerative agriculture.


We will create a revised 60-minute version of THE FOOD CURE as requested by the National Cancer Institute. This version will be targeted at professional audiences i.e. doctors, researchers, medical students, policy makers.

Social Media 

We will engage with our online community and followers by posting daily updates on Instagram, FB, and Twitter with regular FB live programming, screening advertisements, sharing of relevant articles, recipes, stills and short videos from the film.

“I cried all the way through. Now we need to properly educate the clinicians on nutritional therapies.
— CLAIRE MEIKLE [Immunologist, UK]
“Moving. Inspiring. Life-changing. This film will change the world.”
— Joe Cross [Filmmaker, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead]
“At a time, when black and white thinking is so pervasive,
this film focuses on the real issues and lets life speak for itself.”
I loved this film! Moving, well-crafted, uplifting, sad,’s amazing to understand the power of food.
— SARAH TOSICK [University of Indiana]
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